My Reiki Story

More about Reiki

The book “Messages from Water” ,

by Dr. Masaru Emoto, documents the 

healing effects that energy has on water.

If you'd like to understand this phenomenon further watch the movie, 

“What the Bleep Do We Know?”

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a natural healing art that channels

powerful universal life-force energy.

It is not a religion and does not offend any religion.

The word comes from the Japanese “universal spirit energy”.

“Rei” means universal, transcendental spirit, soul.

“Ki” means life-force energy, like chi in traditional Chinese medicine 

or prana in India.

Thought to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago,

this healing process was rediscovered in the 1800’s

by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian educator and monk, 

during his quest to learn how to heal the sick by laying on of hands.

Through his research and meditation, Dr. Usui located ancient 

Buddhist sutras that contained references to symbols used for healing purposes. 

From these symbols he developed the Usui System of Reiki,

the essence of which is to increase the human body’s ability

to heal its own ailments and to address the cause 

of disease on a deep level.

Reiki flows though a person the way electricity flows through wires.

This energy is often described by both the Reiki practitioner

and the Reiki client as a tingly or warm sensation

that produces a soothing balance.

Reiki helps an individual relieve stress, physical pain and discomforts,

and can enable them to regain their strength.

Reiki is a loving energy which balances the physical, mental,

emotional and spiritual bodies.

How Reiki Pottery began:

Early in 2009 I came across Dr. Masaru Emoto's book, 

“Messages from Water”. His spectacular results captured

unequivocally that water holds onto the energy put into it.

It struck me that clay contains a lot of water ... and I realized

I might have thought of a wonderful idea!

I didn’t want to put 'my' energy into the clay, so I looked for another

way to do it. Reiki taught me how to channel Divine energy

and I began using this when I made my pottery.

My Reiki Pottery process:

Before I start working with the clay, I center myself and connect

to Divine Spirit. I set my intent for Reiki Energy

to move through me into whatever I am creating.

As I allow the Reiki Energy to flow through my hands into the clay,

I infuse each piece of pottery with a specific intention, 

such as love, harmony, peace and so on.

I stay in a sacred space whenever I am working

with my Reiki pottery, whether it be trimming,

attaching the handles or carving the words.

It always gratifies me that so many energy workers, psychics

and healers are able to feel the energy in my pottery.

People's lovely stories about how their piece of Reiki Pottery

is enhancing their lives always fills me with joy. 

Ongoing benefits:

This Reiki Pottery can be a powerful tool.

As you use your mug or bowl, focus your mind

on the emotion it contains.

Take a little time each day to feel the JOY in your life, work on increasing your CONFIDENCE, or relax into SERENITY.  

It's small things like this that can help move your life

in the direction you are seeking.

As we think  …  so it is.