"Awesome energy!  I feel it going up my elbows and around my heart.

Each piece brings its own special vibration.  Wonderful!"

                                                                 Penny Moore, RMT

"This beautiful piece has inspired and

calmed me in my work on a daily basis

and has brought me tranquility and joy."  

                              Elyse Feltrup

"Reiki pottery has such a strong and gentle energy.  I’m sure anyone can feel the       energy right away.  I am happy to have bought a lovely Confidence bowl that had been speaking to me all day and, and at the last moment, a wonderfully resonant Love mug

called to me.  Its energy was like having a crystal healing, with crystals

all over the body, nurturing mind , body and spirit. Beautiful work.  Love and Light."  

                                                                                                             Tara Counts

Gallery and Comments

"Wonderful energy, I can feel both the Reiki energy

and the love in this pottery.  Wonderful!"

                                         Terri Smith, Reiki Master

"What wonderful energy!!!  I felt different energies and vibrations coming from the different pieces.  This pottery is really blessed and will help a lot of people."


Reiki Infused Tumbler  ....  $ 25.00

Reiki Infused Bowl  ....  $ 30.00

Reiki Infused Mug  ....  $ 40.00

Custom Personalized Pottery  ....  $ 50.00 - $75.00