"This beautiful piece has inspired and

calmed me in my work on a daily basis

and has brought me tranquility and joy."  

                              Elyse Feltrup

"Awesome energy!  I feel it going up my elbows and around my heart.

Each piece brings its own special vibration.  Wonderful!"

                                                                 Penny Moore, RMT

"What wonderful energy!!!  I felt different energies and vibrations coming from the different pieces.  This pottery is really blessed and will help a lot of people."


"Reiki pottery has such a strong and gentle energy.  I’m sure anyone can feel the       energy right away.  I am happy to have bought a lovely Confidence bowl that had been speaking to me all day and, and at the last moment, a wonderfully resonant Love mug

called to me.  Its energy was like having a crystal healing, with crystals

all over the body, nurturing mind , body and spirit. Beautiful work.  Love and Light."  

                                                                                                             Tara Counts

Gallery and Comments

"Wonderful energy, I can feel both the Reiki energy

and the love in this pottery.  Wonderful!"

                                         Terri Smith, Reiki Master

Reiki Infused Tumbler  ....  $ 25.00

Reiki Infused Bowl  ....  $ 30.00

Reiki Infused Mug  ....  $ 40.00

Custom Personalized Pottery  ....  $ 50.00 - $75.00