Mugs & Bowls

I love making Reiki pottery bowls!

I create some to be sturdy and robust, and others to be light and delicate.

All have my signature swirl in the center.

Soup bowls, cereal bowls and little bowls, just the right size for ice cream,

even tiny bowls for your vitamins.

Everything tastes better in a beautiful ceramic bowl crafted with love.

Already have a mug or bowl and would rather have something else? Let me personalize Reiki Pottery just for you. Choose the design and quality

 you'd like, send me your photograph

and, as I create it, I'll focus on you

being filled with that emotion.

As the energy flows through me from the Divine, I connect with your picture and visualize you surrounded by healing energy and all things happening

in your life for your highest good.


I believe everyone should have

the perfect Reiki pottery mug
they can enjoy 
every day.

You'll smile as it fits in your hand,

the handle nesting into your palm

and your thumb resting comfortably

in the perfect space  ...

Your fingers caress the contoured side as you think about your intention.

As easy as that, your morning coffee becomes a meditation.